Our Vision

Temple of Praise Church of God, Inc.

The purpose of Temple of Praise Church, is to assemble for worship, encourage others to worship God, and work unselfishly in the spreading of the gospel at home and abroad. We are a church with a worldwide vision.   

Mission Statement
We exist to bring glory to God through evangelism, fulfilling the great commission, reaching those that are without Christ.  Growing through discipleship, developing spiritually through worship, service, and loving unconditionally. With God’s help we will work together with Him to finish the work we are called to do. 

Vision Statement
Temple of Praise church of God, Inc. will faithfully grow in this community and it’s vicinities. We are a people of faith.  We will continue to follow God as He leads us in mission to increase our service to the community through worship, education and service to others. 

Vision of the Future
Temple of Praise will continue its effort in building, educating, and assimilation in this 21st century.  We will continue moving towards the future with a Vision for growth in “all” areas of ministering. Temple of Praise family is a people with a faith to share the vision with the visionary.  The congregation of (TOP) Temple of Praise Ministries, embraces the vision of growth and the great need for services to the broadening and fast growing community. 

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Temple of Praise